OFC 2023: Apollo launch from Ribbon

Created March 6, 2023
Technologies and Products

Ribbon Communications has announced the launch of its Apollo OT9408 platform, a next generation compact modular transport platform. The cost-optimised solution offers 400G transport for the majority of metro applications. Based on a wide selection of industry standard QSFP-DD pluggables, including OpenROADM interoperability for additional flexibility. It is designed for easy deployment and operation, including features such as front-to-back cooling, field replaceable modules, streaming telemetry, and disaggregated control through standard interfaces.

In addition to 1.2T wavelengths for short haul, the new platform’s capacity-reach optimised transport delivers 800G wavelengths that cover the entire metro-regional space, and 400G for ultra-long haul submarine that can cross the longest spans in the world. Based on 5mm-140Gbaud pluggable transceivers, it also supports 19.2T density in a 2RU form factor and over 50% lower power utilisation per gigabit than some other solutions.

“The Apollo OT9408 platform showcases our continuing innovation and ability to deliver the solutions operators need as they juggle with the competing imperatives of managing growing traffic densities, lowering cost per bit, and providing excellent performance,” said Sam Bucci, Ribbon Chief Operating Officer. “Available for trialing in the first half of this year, this new product is built to offer exceptional capabilities that can be leveraged in a very short timeframe.”

For more information, visit https://ribboncommunications.com.


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