InCoax debuts fibre access/FWA modem for MDUs

Created March 29, 2023
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InCoax has launched its A251 NTE series of modems (pictured) which terminate operator’s networks in individual homes in multiple dwelling units (MDUs) in the US. The modem uses existing coaxial cabling and is  capable of 2.5Gbps data rates to the individual subscriber. The units are expected to be commercially in April 2023.

The InCoax A251 NTE was created to meet the demand for MultiGigabit services by extending the 2.5Gbps DPU capabilities to the subscriber. It will be available in 15 versions supporting five different MoCA AccessTM bands, and is capable of co-existence with legacy TV services. It also provides ETSI Reverse Power Feed and extra output power with the Extended Range versions.

InCoax says that one of the major challenges for companies working with broadband deployment in the US, where 25 operators  is finding skilled labour. InCoax is working to make deployments easier and faster by simplifying installation, automating procedures, and centralising configuration (NOC). The A251 can be self-installed by the customer, it auto-configures at start-up and can be centrally managed by the operator through Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP).

The MultiGigabit trend was introduced by Google Fibre two years ago, with an offering of 2/1 Gbps (down-/upstream) services marking the start of the MultiGigabit trend. It is still a niche market but is predicted a strong growth in coming years. The Fibre Broadband Association is predicting that in 2030 the downstream and upstream data rates will peak at 2 Gbps. According to the OMDIA 2022 report more than 25 US operators are offering MultiGigabit services. Cable operators, who control approximately 66% of the fixed broadband US market, have been at risk of falling behind due to the lack of cost-effective, high-performance network equipment.

“With the InCoax MoCA AccessTM 2.5 portfolio of products we want to support operators targeting to gain market share in the highly competitive MultiGigabit market. The A251 will be an important complement to the existing portfolio of NTE’s offered by InCoax. 2.5 Gigabit symmetrical broadband performance over existing property coaxial infrastructure to a single user, will cover consumer market demand for years to come and constitute a fast-to-install and cost-effective alternative to full-fibre solutions,” says Alf Eriksson, chief product and portfolio officer, InCoax Networks.

(Image: InCoax)

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