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Created March 30, 2023
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European bandwidth infrastructure company euNetworks has partnered with Crosslake Fibre UK a developer of subsea and terrestrial fibre networks, to give euNetworks exclusive rights to deliver services between the United Kingdom and Madrid on Crosslake’s CrossChannel Fibre system for the financial services community. euNetworks has also agreed to enable the sale of dark fibre services by euNetworks using the system.

Crosslake says CrossChannel Fibre is a 550km cable system with end-to-end fibre running between Slough, United Kingdom and Paris, France and is the first subsea cable to be built across the English Channel to France in over 20 years. The high fibre count, non-repeatered system contains 96 fibre pairs, each enabling over 20Tbps throughput. The route is designed with optimal spacing and attenuation/ loss between amplifier sites, requiring just four sites, compared to typically between seven and nine on other routes. This reduced number of ILA’s, combined with free air passive cooling at each ILA site enables a much lower power consumption per bit and it delivers an optimised low-carbon footprint network infrastructure. The CrossChannel cable went live in December 2021.

We’re delighted to be working with Crosslake and being able to exclusively offer our euTrade ultra-low latency solution on CrossChannel Fibre to the financial sector,” said Paula Cogan, CEO of euNetworks. “CrossChannel is a new system serving an important connectivity route between the UK and the continent.”

“CrossChannel Fibre is the latest next-generation system to support the ever-growing connectivity needs between London and Paris,” said Mike Cunningham, CEO of Crosslake. “The cables on current routes have limited amounts of available capacity and are aging after over two decades of operation. Our system delivers a new unique route, approaching Paris from the North West, and is therefore diverse from existing systems. That’s an important differentiator to the segments CrossChannel serves – wholesale carriers, data centre operators, content, cloud and network service providers, hyperscalers, government agencies, media and entertainment, and financial services. euNetworks is highly focused on delivering high bandwidth services to these segments. Their strong position and service performance in the demanding ultra-low latency market sets them apart, and we’re excited to be working with them.”

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