Colt taps Ciena for network capacity upgrade

Created March 30, 2023
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Global infrastructure company Colt, has more than doubled its IQ network capacity with Ciena’s 6500 Reconfigurable Line System (RLS) Waveserver 5 compact interconnect platform, powered by WaveLogic 5 Extreme (WL5e) coherent optics. The upgrade also includes Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller.

Ciena says that with the its 6500 RLS (pictured), Colt can simplify deployment, operation, and troubleshooting with built-in tools like Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), network auto-discovery, and real-time network monitoring and visibility. Network adaptability is also enhanced with automated calibration. Additionally, with RLS’s integrated L-band amplification and ASE noise loading, the upgrade has no impact to existing C-band traffic and does not require any visits or changes to line amplifier sites, enabling stable and uninterrupted service launches.

The upgrade to the Colt IQ Network follows an earlier milestone, when Colt, in collaboration with Ciena, became the first provider to transport 600G wavelength services in a long-haul live network in Japan.

“We continue to improve our service offerings on the Colt IQ Network, enabling us to better respond to the explosive traffic demands in Japan and drive faster service launches. The Colt IQ Network is designed to provide high-bandwidth, on-demand connectivity, and we continue to deliver on this promise by collaborating with industry pioneer Ciena,” said Masato Hoshino, representative director and president, head of Asia, Colt Technology Services Co., Ltd.

“Throughout Japan, there is a growing ask to support the connectivity needs required to run cloud-based applications and bandwidth-heavy video content. Designed with programmability, performance, and scalability in mind, Ciena’s 6500 RLS enables Colt to deploy C and L-band optimised equipment with no service interruptions, empowering Colt to bring the digital universe to its customers faster than ever before despite the distance,” said Kazuyasu Takahashi, vice president and general manager, Ciena Japan.

Colt has more than 60 offices around the world. The Colt IQ Network connects 222 cities and 32 countries with more than 1000 data centres, 51 Metropolitan Area Networks and over 31,000 buildings across Europe, Asia and North America’s largest business hubs.

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