Albis, HiLight, demo high-performance receiver for 10G-PON ONUs

Created March 6, 2023
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Albis Optoelectronics and HiLight Semiconductor have come together to demonstrate their latest 10G APD (Avalanche Photo Diode) and CMOS TIA-receiver products which when combined, offer negligible optical sensitivity penalties in the presence of localised high power Wi-Fi signal sources, say the companies,. Measurement results show less than 1 dB penalty for 5~6 GHz Wi-Fi and almost zero penalty for 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.  The combined performance of Albis’ APD10F1 and HiLight’s SLR10G2 delivers sensitivity levels of -34 dBm (@ BER 1E-3) and -28 dBm (@ BER 1E-12) in a straightforward TO-can build.

Albis’ APD10F1 is a topside illuminated 10 Gbps photodiode chip with a large dual pad layout allowing placement of multiple wire bonds on one pad. The pad metallization is optimized for wire-bonding with the pads positioned to enable easy and direct bonding to most common TIA layouts. In addition, the ultra-small chip footprint saves valuable space in compact packages such as TO-46 and reduces chip cost. The APD10F1 chip is fully qualified and available in high volumes.

HiLight’s SLR10G2 features patent pending active noise suppression circuitry within the TIA-LA front-end which minimises any sensitivity penalty due to local WiFi antenna or similar RF noise sources often found within consumer ONU boxes. A GPON 2.5Gbps optimised version of the SLR10G2 is also available for new GPON ONU and PON Stick designs.

“Over the past 15 years we have continuously refined our APD product offering and driven performance to the physical limits in order to achieve best in class sensitivities and an unsurpassed dynamic range” states Vincent Grundlehner, CEO of Albis Optoelectronics. “The combination of our low noise, high responsivity APD10F1 and HiLight’s SLR10G2 TIA-receiver, results in a simplification of the FTTx receiver design while at the same time improving the performance.”

Christian Rookes, VP Marketing at HiLight, commented “The SLR10G2 chip receiver is the most advanced, highest performance solution for 10G-PON ONUs and will provide exceptional levels of sensitivity performance margin in the noisiest of environments; What’s more the SLR10G2 is designed on the same low-cost CMOS process as the established HLR2S50, HLR10G0 and HLR10G1 TIAs, around 100 million of which have already shipped to customers worldwide.”

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