OFC 2023: Huber+Suhner debuts new optical switch

Created February 27, 2023
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The latest addition to the POLATIS all-optical switch portfolio from HUBER+SUHNER has been designed to provide operators with 80% more capacity than any other solution on the market.

The POLATIS 576 has a matrix of 576×576 non-blocking fibre ports enables operators to remotely connect a greater number of fibres together in a compact form factor in applications such as cybersecurity and network monitoring, test lab automation and data centre cross connects. The POLATIS 576 variant with MPO connectors occupies 8RU of rack space.

The software-defined optical circuit switch has a resilient, redundant, and modular architecture that underpins the reliability and availability of the switch in a network environment.  It can be equipped with field-addressable spare ports so that an interruption on any port can be bypassed rapidly by moving the fibre to a spare and reassigning the port in software.

The low-loss POLATIS 576 optical switch utilises the patented DirectLightTM transparent, dark-fibre optical switching platform. With support for Software-Defined Networks (SDNs) via embedded NETCONF and RESTCONF interfaces, Huber+Suhner says POLATIS optical circuit switches are 100 times more energy-efficient than conventional electronic switching equipment and enable dynamic routing, monitoring, protection and test of real-time traffic directly at the fibre layer with speed-of-light data latency.

“Our POLATIS optical circuit switches enable network automation directly at the fibre layer to save time, cost and power when creating new user connections, upgrading data centre line rates, monitoring network services or managing test operations,” said Nick Parsons, vice president of Technology at HUBER+SUHNER Communications. “We have re-architected the core switch engine in our new POLATIS platform to feature resilient, distributed control and a compact, integrated design that improves both energy efficiency and port density. The 576×576 has been designed for volume manufacture and with future scalability in mind. We expect to roll out the new platform across the whole POLATIS portfolio in the near future.”

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