Fujikura launches three new fibre recoaters

Created February 21, 2023
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Fujikura has launched a new FSR series of optical fibre recoaters – the FSR115, FSR116, and FSR117 (pictured), which are upgraded versions of its FSR05, 06, and 07 models. The series has new automated features and faster, more accurate performance for industries and applications including specialist R&D institutes, high power laser manufacturers, and optical component production lines.

The company says each model features a redesigned pump that provides a shorter UV resin injection time and reduces total recoating time typically by around 25%. The new FSR series also has improved recoating length repeatability thanks to the mould, which now includes an air vent on the upper U-groove. The air vent allows the flow of curable material without any air bubbles, which makes recoating consistently more stable and accurate. LEDs have also been added to the mould injection area for increased resin visibility.

New moulds are now equipped with RFID sensors which tell the machines which mould is being used. The machine then uses that information to highlight the available recoating modes applicable to a particular mould or fibre. This new functionality results in a faster set-up process and removes the potential for using incorrect settings, which can cause delays, complications, and the need to carry out work again.

The addition of a colour LED touchscreen interface provides an intuitive and versatile user experience which is especially beneficial when the machine is integrated into a desk on a production line, which might limit the ability to easily access and properly use the buttons. Operators can now also take advantage of the recoating centring adjustment for enhanced fibre alignment. The feature aligns the fibre centrally to where the resin is deployed helping to minimise the risk of getting an uneven coat, which contributes to more consistent results. Centring is achieved with a fibre height adjuster and spacers that allow fine tuning based on coating variations.

(Image: Fujikura)

For more information, visit www.fujikura.co.uk


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