TRUMPF adds to portfolio of polarisation stable VCSELs

Created January 24, 2023
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TRUMPF Photonic Components, has expanded its VCEL portfolio with a new multimode VCSEL with stable polarisation to support the increasing demand for advanced VCSEL sources. By integrating additional functionalities such as linear polarisation, the VCSEL technology is becoming smarter and the illumination quality is increasing.

“It’s great to see the VCSEL technology evolving and to tap into new application fields for VCSELs by integrating additional features. With the market release of our new multimode VCSEL with stable polarisation, we serve application demands with optimal illumination quality, like in smartphones,” says Ralph Gudde, vice president Marketing and Sales at TRUMPF Photonic Components.

The proprietary surface grating is directly etched into the Gallium arsenide (GaAs). With the two emission zones, the new VCSEL generates an optical power of 8 mW. Applications in consumer electronic devices and smartphones benefit from this optimum efficiency in optical power, as the VCSEL technology combines high laser efficiency and slope efficiency of 1 W/A with full polarisation control. Measurements confirm that the electro-optical properties of VCSELs with integrated grating and stabilising linear polarisation are the same as VCSELs without grating.

“Thanks to the polarisation feature, controlled laser light improves the quality of the overall sensing system, enabling a positive user experience and power savings,” says Gudde.

TRUMPF also says it will launch other products with polarisation features later in 2023.

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