R&M, US Conec, cross-license fibre optic connectors

Created December 8, 2022
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Fibre optic manufacturers Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) AG and US Conec Ltd. have agreed to mutually recognise important patents for MPO fibre optic connectors. The companies say this will benefit data centre providers and carriers who have to further increase the density of their fibre optic cabling for high-speed data transmission. The agreement came into force on November 16th, 2022, and is backdated to products that have already been developed, manufactured, and sold.

The agreement clears the way for the QR mechanism developed and patented by R&M to be integrated into US Conec’s DirectConec™ push-pull product portfolio. These connectors make it possible to lock and unlock fibre optic connectors with the strain relief sleeve on the back. This makes them easy to operate in high-density patch panels. US Conec can now use the QR mechanism in its own connector types, R&M can assemble and sell its own QR multiple fibre connector – the new MPO-QR with polarity change – in the U.S.

R&M CTO Robert Merki commented, “We are delighted about the new cooperation with US Conec. As leading developers in the field of fibre optic connectivity, we can work together to pave the way for fast and efficient network densification. For R&M, bringing QR technology to the US market is a major step. We value the innovative strength of US Conec, which we are now able to make available to a large group of users. Our global production network forms a robust supply chain that supplies data centres and carriers with the leading fibre optic connector systems for next-generation high-speed data transmission.”

“For US Conec, it means a lot to be able to cooperate with R&M in order to meet current market needs. R&M delivers unsurpassed Swiss precision craftsmanship when it comes to fibre optic connector technologies. The QR mechanism from R&M is an ingenious addition to our innovative DirectConec™ push-pull system. This will enable users to work even more securely and faster in highly densified network infrastructures,” says Mike Hughes, vice president of US Conec.

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