Deutsche Telekom to speed fibre rollout

Created December 2, 2022
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Deutsche Telekom (DT) says it plans to significantly increase the pace of its fibre rollout next year, with up to three million connections to be added in 2023. In the current year, Telekom’s fibre team expects to achieve its goal of offering FTTH connections to an additional two million households and businesses, bringing the total to 5.2 million connections for the year. By 2024, DT expects to have more than ten million connections.

An important part of DT’s rollout strategy is to work with other operators including local city network operators and competitors, such as Glasfaser Ruhr, with 134,000 FTTH lines to be created Bochum and Stadtwerke Münster, which has connected its first customers since the summer.

DT also says its strategy will also increase the number of fibre optic installers by 50% to speed up the process. Speaking at the company’s Network Day in Bonn, Telekom Germany CEO Srini Gopalan said, “The increase we have set ourselves for fibre optic expansion in 2023 is enormous. To ensure that we can continue to deliver on our promises, we need to invest in more than just network technology. We want to hire up to 1,000 new fibre experts. The majority of them for the installation area. We urgently need this power to get superfast connections into people’s living rooms.”

He added, “Our fibre optic engine is running. We have built more fibre this year than all other competitors combined. In the second phase, we will bring even more fibre even faster to our customers. It’s all about growth and scaling. We have a clear plan that we are implementing with our strong team.”

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