ECOC 2022: SiFotonics debuts silicon photonics products

Created September 28, 2022
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SiFotonics, debuted a portfolio of silicon photonics product solutions for telecom and data centre applications at ECOC 2022 in Basel. The products included 100G-ER1, 400G-ER4, 400G-DR4/800G-DR8 transceiver modules, and 100G-400G coherent optical subassembly (COSA) modules.

100G-ER1 family of products extend 100G-PAM4 technology to cover over 40 km transmission distance, and support both QSFP28 and SFP56-DD form factors, with industry temperature range from -40 to 85C. The product family also supports up to eight wavelength channels, meaning up to 8x100G can be transmitted over single fibre pair, or 4x100G can be transmitted bi-directionally over a single fibre. Companion passive O-band WDM filters are also provided as part of a complete solution set. The 100G-ER1 family of products leverage SiFotonics Ge/Si APD receiver technology and increased link loss budget needed for up to 40 km transmission. This family of transceiver modules is aimed at applications such as 5G xhaul, data centre interconnect and enterprise networking.

400G-ER4 is an extension of 100G-ER1, with integration of 4x100G capabilities in one QSFP-DD form factor. The product enables 400Gbps transmission over 30 km and is an economical solution for high bandwidth access aggregation, backhaul, and data centre interconnect.

The 400G-DR4/800G-DR8 family of products are based on highly integrated silicon photonics integrated circuits chipsets which include the Mach-Zander modulator array, Ge/Si PD array, and analogue driver and trans impedance amplifier ICs. The silicon photonics integrated circuits provide high performance with reduced number of laser chips and can support 400G and 800G over 500 metres and 2 km reach for hyperscale data centre interconnect applications. The product family also supports both QSFP-DD and OSFP form factors.

The 100G-400G COSA product family include 32 GBaud COSA for 100G-QPSK and 200G-16QAM, and 64GBaud COSA for 400G-16QAM coherent transmission applications. These products are based on silicon PICs with complete transmit and receive functions in one chip. The COSA modules are also integrated with modulator driver and transimpedance amplifier ICs. Combined with a laser source and DSP, these COSA are the core building blocks for 100G to 400G coherent transceiver modules.

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