ECOC 2022: EXFO accelerates ‘lab to live’ with new test solutions

Created September 19, 2022
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EXFO, has announced availability of a next-generation continuously tuneable laser, which is the first in a new suite of tuneable lasers designed to deliver cost-optimised testing of transceivers and optical components in high-volume manufacturing. The T200S tuneable laser is part of EXFO’s line-up of solutions that were showcased during ECOC 2022.

Transceiver manufacturers are challenged to produce thousands of high-quality devices per day to support data centres that have as many as 50,000 or more transceivers deployed at each site.

EXFO’s new T200S tuneable laser is half the size and operates 2x as fast as previous tuneable laser models. When automated through EXFO’s CTP10 and CT440 optical component testers, the company says the solution provides the fastest end-to-end testing in the industry with repeatable, accurate results.

“By using EXFO’s new tuneable lasers, our customers can design and manufacture the next generation of high-speed transceivers faster and more efficiently than ever,” said Michael Scheppke, vice president, Global Labs and Manufacturing at EXFO. “Our advanced PIC testing solutions support the critical applications leveraging the new generation of 400/800GbE coherent transceivers, including 5G backhaul interconnections, and high-speed networking, storage, and data center evolution.”

EXFO also unveiled a number of other products at ECOC including a PCM test module to enhance its CTP10 passive component platform, delivering accurate photocurrent measurement particularly relevant to PIC testing. Also on display was a testing module for CFP2-DCO coherent optics, which covers the testing needs for 400/800GbE and next-generation transceivers, leveraging EXFO’s open transceiver system (OTS). There was also a solution which enables benchtop end-to-end transceiver testing at every stage of design, fabrication and packaging. EXFO also unveiled a new PON feature in the sample scope for transceiver testing (EA-4000 10G PON) which extends the testing capabilities of the EA-4000 optical sampling scope. Finally, the company debuted a new service activation PON power meter optimised for the service activation of any 1G to 10G PON and broadband networks.

“We’re pleased to participate in ECOC and share how we’re accelerating lab to live testing spanning not only next-generation photonics, interconnects, and transceivers, but also 400G and 800G, high-speed data centres, and FTTx rollouts,” said Scheppke. “It’s an exciting time in the industry given network and data centre transformations, and we’re pleased to build on our 37-year track record to continue delivering exceptional end-to-end test and measurement solutions.”

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