Open XR Forum releases coherent management spec

Created June 27, 2022
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Open XR Forum has released its first approved specification defining enhanced network management of pluggable coherent optical technology. The specification, developed through a collaboration of leading global service providers, establishes the framework for solving challenges associated with managing advanced coherent optical engines and features as they are deployed in a wider variety of networking devices such as routers, servers, and mobile radios.

The Open XR Forum says the specification paves the way for creating an architecture that seamlessly disaggregates the management of intelligent Open XR-compliant pluggable transceivers from host devices, and the same management framework could be used to manage features in any advanced coherent module. By clearly delineating transport and IP management functions, this management architecture resolves the remaining obstacles to widespread deployment of IP over DWDM. At the same time, it establishes a foundation for managing emerging point-to-multipoint coherent networks based on XR-compliant pluggable transceivers. The result is a seamless and holistic management solution that will facilitate deployment of powerful coherent optical engines closer to the network edge, fuelling network growth and enabling new services within existing network management frameworks. The complete specification, Open XR Management Architecture can be downloaded from the Open XR Forum website.

The Open XR Forum announced recently that Juniper Networks, Sumitomo Electric and Arrcus, had joined the industry initiative

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