R&M designs pre-connectorised IP-9 solution for FTTH, 5G deployment

Created May 21, 2022
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Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) has designed Pre-Connectorised plug-and-play solution incorporating Senko Advanced Components’ IP-9 MPO and SN® connector products. The solution eases the deployment for both wired and wireless access networks to deliver high-speed broadband in homes, offices and mobile users. According to R&M, the Pre-Connectorised solution not only can deliver end-to-end passive connectivity solution three times faster than conventional approaches, it also allows network operators to scale deployment and pay-as-you-grow with using flexible architecture.

According to Jim Hasegawa SENKO’s EVP, “The combination of R&M’s RIO® and SRS® closures and SENKO’s IP-9 MPO, SC and SN® hardened connectors have shown that a world-class access network can be deployed cost- effectively, swiftly and most importantly safely.”

“By using Senko IP9 solutions as part of our solutions for the FTTx markets, we can present one of the most reliable and secure solutions. Our strength is the flexibility of the design dedicated to each one of our customers, understanding the different needs and requirements,” says Paulo Campos R&M EVP Americas.

R&M’s FTTx solution comprises products from the central office and out to the subscriber. With its two globally integrated US manufacturing sites, R&M offers a range of closures and termination boxes which can be customised to meet individual needs. The products are available for aerial, pole, wall mount applications, and can also be installed in manholes. The closures based on gel technology can reach up to 1,152 single fibres and the termination boxes up to 144 fibres using the IP9 MPO.

IP-9 is SENKO’s smallest outdoor hardened connector, designed to comply with the required 100lb pull force in the GR-3120 and 3152 standards. The single connector footprint can accommodate various configurations (1F, 2F, and >12F), helping the network architects to design a more efficient fibre network.

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