NOVUX ™ A modular approach to realising your network’s potential and anticipating future needs

Created May 8, 2022

Networks require ever-higher speeds. To enable tomorrow’s applications, fibre is being deployed deeper into the network. Service providers and operators often assume this requires vast amounts of costly fibre to be deployed—but there’s another way…

To adapt to fast-changing market demands, operators need to evolve quickly while providing the flexibility to work seamlessly with any field application. Closing the fibre gap and realising ubiquitous broadband involves many challenges and requires smart solutions. Deployments need to be fast and easy to meet tight deadlines and time-to-market schedules. What’s more, a lack of skilled technicians is making this especially challenging.
CommScope is committed to simplifying and speeding up deployments by making products easy to deploy. We make building infrastructure to serve communities for a long period faster and easier, drastically reducing time to revenue. When we set out to design our NOVUX™ platform, we listened carefully to our customers and learned that they need solutions that deliver reliability today—and decades from now—so they can realise their goals and keep pace with the rapidly changing network environment. Prodigy™, the perfect complement to NOVUX—the complete FTTH ecosystem—is the next evolution in outdoor-ready plug-and-play connections. These technologies are configurable, scalable and simple and provide a solution to the challenges service providers and network operators are facing right now.
NOVUX spans the entire outside plant fibre network and includes fibre closures, terminals, hubs, and wall boxes. This product family uses 75 percent fewer components than other products while enabling 50 times more configurations.
Standardised interfaces make it easier for service providers to train technicians and improve the quality and success of their installations. Common features among all NOVUX components mean less training and less inventory is needed for network builds, expansions and upgrades. Service providers can move faster with reduced product delivery times and the ability to configure fibre solutions. A common platform, backed by consistent documentation and training, makes installation across the series easy and efficient.
NOVUX connector closure drop network components remove complexities from network planning and expansion, enable fibre deployment deeper into the network, and add agility and scalability. The Octopus™ gel seal protects equipment from harsh conditions and allows easy technician entry. The simplicity, responsiveness, and configurability of NOVUX support competition in a fast-changing business environment with components that can be easily configured to meet future needs.
The new Prodigy small-form hardened connector system for fibre terminals and cable assemblies is universally compatible with multiple hardened fibre connectors, making it a game-changer in plug-and-play
fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) solutions.
The solution has been designed to simplify and speed up ordering and field deployments. Customers only need one cable assembly, which includes the required different lengths. An installer simply runs a drop cable assembly and converts the Prodigy connector to the required connector in the connection box.
The solution has been especially designed for EU and UK use. Existing poles and chambers, which are often congested, can be easily used to realise the fastest and most cost-effective deployment approach. Self-guided automatic alignment and self-locking mechanisms help eliminate connection errors and accidental release. Networks can use Prodigy connectors and adapters with CommScope’s NOVUX hardened terminals wherever space is at a premium.

Evolving broadband networks to stay competitive

CommScope provides a wide range of product families, accessories, add-ons, tailor-made solutions, and services. We support you throughout the entire network with active and passive end-to-end infrastructure. We are happy to provide advice, training and design support, or help manage your logistics and supply chain. With our ePlanner, architects and FTTx Planning & Design teams can evaluate design requirements and select the most suitable network architecture for any application. Would you like more information? Or to discuss your network needs?





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