Fibernet taps Adtran for 10G fibre network

Created May 17, 2022
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Fibre access specialist Adtran says Finnish altnet Fibernet, is using the Adtran 10G Fiber Access Platform to build an XGS-PON fibre network that will connect 50,000 customers in its first phase. Fibernet is leveraging its innovative fibre trenching technology to quickly build a fibre network and is using Adtran’s reliable 10G solutions to deploy competitive, scalable broadband services to households and businesses in Finland. Fibernet operates where much of the country can access 4G mobile broadband coverage, however, increased demand for high-bandwidth, reliable internet means that fibre connections are a necessity.

The Adtran 10G Fiber Access Platform leverages the symmetrical upload and download speeds of XGS-PON technology, which future-proofs the network against growing demand for high-bandwidth cloud and streaming services. Adtran’s supply availability is also a differentiator for Fibernet. In Finland, the ground is frozen for five months each year. The long winters require well-planned building seasons and hardware deliveries must be on schedule during the warmer months. Adtran offers a comprehensive end-to-end access portfolio that allows Fibernet to order most of the hardware from a single vendor to better ensure on-time deliveries.

“While Fibernet is new to this market, our leaders have deep experience in implementing superior broadband networks. We selected Adtran because of its experience in both the fibre access and altnet markets, and together we make a great team. We are extremely pleased with the support that Adtran has provided in our start-up phase,” said Janne Ahola, CEO at Fibernet. “We understand that fibre is the only way to supply fast and reliable network connections that can scale with subscriber demands. Adtran provides a solution that can help us meet those needs today and in the future.”

“Fibernet has a key advantage with its micro-trenching technology that lets it build its fibre network much faster. With Adtran in its network, Fibernet can match that innovation with a 10G fibre access platform that will provide reliable, high-quality services today and grow with them as subscriber demands evolve,” said Stuart Broome, Vice President of Sales, EMEA at Adtran. “The ease of scalability will enable Fibernet to increase capacity and scale services beyond its traditional residential subscriber base to support the connectivity needs of local small- and mid-sized businesses as well.”

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