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Created April 25, 2022
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Senko Advanced Components, Inc. has received several patents for its VSFF (Very Small Form Factor) from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Senko has received U.S. Patent No. 11,280,972 on the first ever LC ferrule connector to allow eight fibres in a QSFP transceiver footprint. Senko has also received patents on its SN connector (including 11,169,338) and CS connector (including 11,287,583) and corresponding adapters (including 11,187,857 and 11,152,748). Senko’s MT ferrule VSFF connector has been recognized with its own allowed US Publication No. 2021/0271030.

Senko says it has received and will receive additional patents on accessibility features that underlie many of the VSFF components coming onto the market today to achieve the high density demands of modern data centres. For example, Senko will soon receive a patent on remote release technology (11,307,369) for VSFF connectors. Senko has also developed advanced polarity change features for VSFF connectors (including 10,191,230 and 10,705,300). The company has over 45 issued patents and over 65 pending applications on VSFF interconnect technology around the world.

“The issued patents and the soon-to-be-issued patents demonstrate our commitment to developing the VSFF interconnect family, where the CS® is currently a TIA standard (TIA-604-19) and the SN® is undergoing standardization at IEC (IEC 61754-36). As of the beginning of 2022, SENKO has shipped well over 1 million VSFF connectors and we are pleased that these new innovations are well received globally,” said Kazu Takano, president of SENKO Advanced Components. “Currently we are honoured to have more than 60 companies who have adopted the CS® and SN® technology including 30+ licensees and look forward to welcoming additional companies. We are very pleased with these recent accomplishments as it shows to the industry Senko’s commitment to be a pioneer and leader in the development of fibre interconnect products.”

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