Emtelle set for US expansion

Created April 5, 2022
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Hawick, Scotland-based blown fibre company Emtelle Group, is to expand into North America with a manufacturing facility in the US. The 300,000 sq ft factory space owned by Mainetti Retail Solutions will house up to 200 workers and enhance Emtelle’s offering to the US FTTx industry, which it currently serves through existing supply agreements and distribution partners in the region. Emtelle says the new facility will better position the company to serve its North American customer base by providing its first fully ‘Made in The USA’ range of microducts, conduits and eventually its full complement of product solutions for Fibre to the Home (FTTH) applications. The expansion further increases Emtelle’s global footprint, which compliments its established manufacturing facilities in the UK, Denmark, Germany and the recently announced acquisition of Dubai-based telecoms ducts manufacturer AfriPipes.

Emtelle has also expanded its UK manufacturing facilities into Wrexham in Wales, to support unprecedented demand in passive network solutions for its UK clients.

Tony Rodgers, Emtelle CEO, said, “Our US expansion marks a landmark moment for Emtelle. With an estimated multi billion dollars to be invested in Fibre Rollouts across the US in the next five years, the new manufacturing facility in Fletcher will better position us to ensure our customers across the US have access to our high-quality product range. FTTH rollouts across the US are accelerating at pace. Therefore, we must ensure that our North and South American customers have access to the same level of capacity and service to deliver as those in the rest of the world. The facility in North Carolina will help us achieve just that, as well as creating new jobs in the area and adding to our growing global workforce.”

At the same time, Emtelle have appointed international business development manager, Scott Modha, as VP of Sales for North America.

Scott Modha said, “I’m excited and driven stepping into this new role with Emtelle in the USA. I’ve worked as part of the team working to grow the business to the stage where we can move forward and supply our North American customers with our fantastic range of products made on US soil. For several years, we have recognised the relevance of infrastructure products made in America, by American citizens. This expansion plan will improve our capability to service all customers in the region with high quality products that can be delivered in an improved time frame. I’m looking forward to the first American-made microducts leaving our factory for our loyal US and Canadian customers.”

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