OFC: Ranovus, TE, first with monolithic 800G optical interconnect

Created March 10, 2022
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Ranovus and TE Connectivity are collaborating to deliver what the companies claim is the world’s first CPO platform based on RANOVUS’ Odin™ 800Gbps Analog-Drive CPO 2.0 architecture with TE’s CPx fine pitch socket interposer technology. The CPO implementation, the result of a three-year development cooperation between RANOVUS and TE, showcases a fully operational co-packaged optical assembly that has been socketed onto a package substrate typical of what is required for a full CPO solution.

RANOVUS’ Odin silicon photonics engine is a low latency, high density, protocol agnostic optical engine that delivers high optical interconnect bandwidth with cost and power efficiency.  The Odin engine scales from 800 Gbps to 3.2 Tbps in the same footprint by leveraging RANOVUS’ 100 Gbps per lambda monolithic Electro-Photonic Integrated Circuit (EPIC) cores, laser platform, and advanced packaging technologies.  The Odin engine can flexibly be integrated into next-generation data centre solutions.

TE’s CPx co-package fine pitch socket interposer technology can enable integration of miniature optical engine form factors in extreme close proximity to a packaged ASIC die. This provides signal integrity transition to the ASIC as required for minimal equalisation or in the case of an Analog-Drive architecture, reducing the need for complex equalisation.

“Following on our Odin Analog-Drive CPO 2.0 platform and strategic partnership announcements at OFC 2021, we are pleased to demonstrate the flexibility of our Odin 800Gbps optical interconnect platform in combination with the novel CPx fine pitch socket interposers, with superior signal integrity, developed by TE”, said John Martinho, SVP R&D of RANOVUS.  “We have been at the forefront of the Co-Packaged Optics initiative since 2018 and are thrilled to be able to offer our customers the flexibility of co-packaging our Odin IP cores with TE’s fine pitch sockets for both CPO and optical module applications.”

“It is gratifying to see the progress that Ranovus and TE have made in advancing the co-packaging state-of-the-art with this fully functioning co-packaging assembly.  Ranovus’ low power high performance ultra dense Odin silicon photonics engine fully leverages TE’s CPx fine pitch electrical interconnect socket technology by taking advantage of the density and excellent signal integrity performance”, said Nathan Tracy, Technologist at TE. “Co-packaging is all about pushing the technology envelope and both Ranovus and TE have continued to do that in ways that can enable power reductions and density gains with a serviceable integrated assembly that can enable practical implementations.”

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