OFC: Ragile demo’s 51.2Tbps co-packaged ethernet switch

Created March 8, 2022
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Ragile Networks Inc., a California-based open network solution provider, has demonstrated its their latest 51.2Tbps, 64*800G liquid cooled, co-packaged ethernet switch, TP-B6940-64X2. As a part of OIF’s Physical Link Layer Interoperability Demo 2022 program, the switch, which measures 442mm × 43.6mm × 730mm, (1RU) demonstrated interoperability with a number of capabilities. These include support for up to 64 × 800GbE or 128 × 400GbE ports, using the Senko SN-MT optic interface and the Broadcom 51.2Tbps Switch.


The Co-Packaged Optical module is equipped with Intel 3.2Tbps 8×400Gbps FR4 & DR4 3.2T optics and support for both integrated-laser-source and external-laser-input optical modules, which are assembled on TE CPO sockets (tool-less mounting). In addition, the modular co-packaged assembly   features 16x 3.2T optical modules assembled with switch ASIC on a small size PCB which is decoupled with other parts and can be upgraded to 224Gbps SERDES. The laser source is External Laser Small Form Factor Pluggable (ELSFP), with higher power and safer laser application from AOI and O-Net, using blind-mate ELS electric and optic connectors from TE and Sumitomo, Leaving more room for data interface on the front panel. Cooling is by means of a cold-plate liquid cooling system which, says Ragile, has high efficiency and quietness for switch ASIC and optical modules cooling and will easily fit in various TCS infrastructure with hassle-free rack-mounting set up.

Top view of TP-B6940-64X2, with the cold plate substituted by an acrylic plate to show the optical modules   Image: Ragile Networks Inc.

“Ragile highly appreciate OIF and fellow members for making this demonstration happen”, said Grant Lai, director of product, Ragile Networks Inc., “Through TP-B6940-64X2, we hope not only to showcase our strong R&D capabilities, but also the bright future of NPO/CPO in this vibrant ecosystem. At OFC 2022, booth #5042, Ragile Networks awaits customers and partners to explore together on more edge-cutting data centre switches.”

In November 2021, Ragile released a 64*400G data centre switch, the RA-BC6932-64X1-DR4, at the 2021 OCP Global Summit. Ragile said the product is the first Near-packaged Optics (NPO) switch that adopts cold plate cooling system in the industry.

For more information, visit www.ragilenetworks.com



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