euNetworks deploys 7km of Lumenisity® CoreSmart® hollowcore fibre cable

Created March 8, 2022
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euNetworks Fiber UK Ltd, a Western European bandwidth infrastructure company, has deployed a seven kilometre hollowcore fibre link between Interxion LON1: A digital realty company data centre, and The London Stock Exchange’s new data centre in London’s Docklands, using ultra low latency CoreSmart® cable. Lumenisity® supplied its CoreSmart® cable which is based on NANF® hollowcore technology. Lumenisity says longer deployments are planned to support the demand for lower latencies.

The route is the longest commercial deployment of hollowcore fibre technology and its use is exclusive to euNetworks and its customers. Offering euTrade services, 10G and above, the route is 30% faster than all equivalent single mode cable. It’s the second deployment for euNetworks following delivery of the first hollowcore based commercial route in April 2021.

Data travels 50% faster in hollowcore cable, reducing latency by 1/3, and providing a round trip saving of 3μs (three microseconds) per kilometre. These latency savings are hugely significant in financial trading applications. They can also be scaled to increase the separation of data centres by 50%, whilst maintaining the latency envelope, more than doubling the area of land in which these data centres can be located.

“We’re very pleased to partner with euNetworks again on a new deployment in London, enabling them to deliver the lowest latency performance for their customers using our CoreSmart® cable,” said Tony Pearson, vice president, Sales & Marketing at Lumenisity. “We are excited to develop our relationship with such a strong partner and provide a cable solution with increasingly longer reach with each development.”

“We’re excited to be moving through our roadmap of hollowcore fibre deployment with Lumenisity, leading the way in integrating new and innovative technology into our network,” said Paula Cogan, president, euNetworks. “We continue to be focused on delivering the best possible bandwidth solutions for our customers and look forward to deploying longer routes with Lumenisity in the coming quarters.”

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