New refractive index profiler from Arden Photonics

Created February 28, 2022
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UK-based Arden Photonics has launched a new refractive index profiler, incorporating a novel measurement technique, which, says the company, can produce complete 2D refractive index profiles of optical fibres in just a few seconds. This, says Arden, makes the nPA-400 suitable for use on production lines as well as in research and development labs and quality assurance environments.

The nPA-400 uses a modified refracted nearfield technique to analyse the end-view grey scale intensity profile of a fibre to determine its full 2D refractive index distribution. By eliminating the need to rotate the fibre or scan the fibre end face, a very fast measurement time is made possible.

Fibre preparation is also easy, allowing users to fully characterize fibres with little training or experience. The profiler can measure all types of standard and specialty fibres, including polarization maintaining (PM), octagonal and multi-core, across a full range of diameters from 40 µm to 400 µm

By providing accurate and repeatable refractive index data, the profiler makes it simple to quickly verify standard and specialty fibre designs by producing valuable information on the fibre design and the manufacturing process.

Founded in 2002, Arden Photonics Ltd develops, manufactures and sells products for the photonics industry worldwide. It also provides technical consultancy in optical fibre metrology.

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