NOVUX™ Newest Generation of Hardened Connectivity Propels FTTH Rollouts

Created December 10, 2021

Explosive broadband fibre growth and demand throughout Europe are challenging service providers to keep up. High-speed fibre will pass 197 million homes in the European Union and Britain by 2026, up from 118 million in 2021, according to a report from IDATE and FTTH Council Europe.

Ambitious government high-speed fibre deployment deadlines and a shortage of skilled labour across Europe add to the rollout challenges. The workforce can’t build out fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks fast enough and isn’t able to hit the ground running to meet demand.

Altnets and OLOs have an excellent opportunity to deliver direct home connections nimbly and quickly, particularly in underserved communities. Traditional service providers tend to focus on large urban centres rather than smaller markets, leaving untapped avenues.


To support the relentless need for connectivity, CommScope is committed to simplifying and speeding deployments, increasing network density and overcoming complexity in every connection. The new Prodigy™ small-form hardened connector system for fibre terminals and cable assemblies is universally compatible with multiple hardened fibre connectors, simplifying ordering, installation and maintenance.

Prodigy simplifies field installation logistics and ordering for customers who use multiple types of hardened connectors and terminals. With Prodigy, customers need only one cable assembly that will include the required different lengths. An installer can simply run a drop cable assembly and convert the Prodigy connector to the required connector in the connection box.
Prodigy is particularly ideal for small, highdensity terminal footprints. Existing poles and chambers are often congested but being able to use them is the fastest and most cost-effective deployment approach.

Physical infrastructure access deployments in Britain give altnets a chance to roll out FTTH networks quickly, and Prodigy helps them minimise space constraints.

Networks will soon be able to use Prodigy connectors and adapters with CommScope’s new NOVUX™ hardened terminals in situations when a small footprint matters. Prodigy is the perfect complement to NOVUX and is the next evolution in outdoor-ready plug-and-play connections.

CommScope re-engineered traditional design, product and supply chain approaches to develop the modular NOVUX ecosystem – the first in the industry. Designed for simplicity and configurability, NOVUX uses 75% fewer components than existing products while delivering 50 times more than the number of configurations available today.

Common features among all NOVUX components mean less training across multiple applications and fewer field installation errors. Service providers can also move faster with reduced product delivery times and the ability to configure the fibre solutions they need in today’s competitive environment.

CommScope is developing new closures and terminals in the NOVUX fibre connectivity portfolio, giving service providers the ultimate package in configurability, scalability and simplicity.


CommScope has several solutions that can help service providers optimize costs and speed deployments.

For example, CommScope’s FTTH ePlanner helps Britain’s altnets address the surge in demand and growth. The ePlanner is an interactive tool that guides network designers through the network planning process, including modelling environments and understanding which model is optimal for each provider and market.

Other resources that are available for all service providers:

• CommScope Professional Services – CommScope Professional Services will help you design, plan, implement and operate your FTTH network. CommScope doesn’t just look at shortterm opportunities. The company also considers new and emerging possibilities and plans for the long term to minimise future network upgrades and disruptions.

• CommScope training – Get hands on training to help you ramp up your workforce and your revenue.

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