UCL Swift North America celebrates National Ribbon Splicing Day

Created November 23, 2021
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It seems there is a special ‘day’ for celebrating almost anything these days and the US fibre optics industry has it’s own. UCL Swift North America (NA), a developer and manufacturer of fusion splice-on connectors, test equipment and related prep tools industry, will be celebrating National Ribbon Splicing Day on December 12, 2021.

The company says National Ribbon Splicing Day is a day where the fibre optics industry recognises the amazing work fibre technicians do to improve infrastructure every day. Fibre affects everything we use — from cable and broadband networks to street lights and data centres, and UCL Swift NA says it will use the day to showcase all the new and exciting fibre technology that’s out there.

UCL Swift NA is encouraging people to celebrate National Ribbon Splicing Day by sharing their favourite tips, tricks and tools when it comes to splicing fibre, showcasing the interesting projects they’re working on, or giving any advice to those just starting out in the fibre industry. The company is also offering discounts on it’s splicers and accessories from  6th to 17th December, as well as a media kit with advice on how to promote National Ribbon Splicing Day online.

Pete DeLaurier, VP of Enterprise Markets for UCL Swift NA, says, “We’re excited to bring current and new customers great deals on our fibre splicers in celebration of National Ribbon Splicing Day. You owe it to yourself to experience the All-In-One technology—this is a great reason to make the switch.”

For more information, visit https://uclswiftna.com


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by Peter Dykes

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