ADVA launches traffic grooming solution

Created November 15, 2021
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ADVA has launched the FSP 3000 OpenFabric1200™ solution which it says will help network operators significantly reduce metro costs. The OTN-based technology enables client services to be groomed into 400Gbps wavelengths, maximising fibre capacity and supporting cost-efficient coherent networks. The latest member of the FSP 3000 OpenFabric™ Series combines open 400Gbps pluggable coherent technology with OTN switching on a blade, increasing wavelength efficiency. The open “switchponder” card can be added to any network without requiring additional adaptors. Specifically engineered for the 400Gbps era, the ADVA FSP 3000 OpenFabric1200™ features 1200Gbps interface capacity and supports Ethernet and OTN services from 10Gbps to 400Gbps.

“The strain on today’s transport infrastructure is growing like never before. Today’s operators need new solutions that can meet rapidly rising data demand while also driving down costs. That’s why we’ve developed our FSP 3000 OpenFabric1200™. It offers a simple way to dramatically increase fibre efficiency by supporting lower-speed service grooming at the network edge. By deploying OpenFabric1200™ in ring or hub-and-spoke topologies, operators can significantly reduce switching and cross-connect requirements in the core,” said Christoph Glingener, CTO, ADVA. “What’s more, our open Terabit-scale switchponder solution can be easily added to any network.”

“Our FSP 3000 OpenFabric1200™ will be a key tool in tackling skyrocketing bandwidth demand while supporting existing low-speed services, commented Cornelius Fürst, director, product line management, ADVA

The new technology is part of the ADVA FSP 3000 OpenFabric™ Series, a family of switchponders built for maximum openness, flexibility and scale. The OpenFabric1200™ offers OTN switching with the benefits of open CFP2 pluggable coherent interfaces. With Terabit capacity, the new card leverages more value from deployed metro infrastructure and upgrades legacy networks to the latest coherent pluggable technology. The FSP 3000 OpenFabric1200™ can work in multiple operation modes: ADM on a blade, DWDM muxponders, or OTN cross-connect. Also, client services can be connected directly or via standard OTN-based transponders without the need for any adapters.

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