Sumitomo Electric upgrades FC-6 series cleavers.

Created October 15, 2021
Technologies and Products

Sumitomo Electric is pleased to announce the introduction of the new FC-6+ series of benchtop cleavers, which will be released globally in the fourth quarter of 2021. Introduced in 2001, Sumitomo Electric has continued to develop the FC-6 design over the last 20 years.

The FC-6+ is the latest step in this continuous journey, bringing a number of new features the range. Sumitomo says the FC-6+ adds ‘one action’ operation to the FC-6’s traditional robustness and high-quality cleaving, enhancing user productivity. This, says the company, maximizes work efficiency: once the fibre is cleaved, the carriage and the off-cut collector automatically return to their original positions. It is no longer necessary to manually reset the blade and cut-off collector before each cleave.

The cleaver also features a patented auto-rotating blade system keeps a sharp blade edge ready for stable cleaving, eliminating the need for downtime for manual blade adjustment. The blade rotating action does not require batteries. It is a fully mechanical system suitable for reliable field use.

Just to make sure users have a genuine Sumitomo product, the FC-6+ has a new secure product label on the top of the cleaver, which uses holographic technology has been applied to the label.

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