Finisar Australia offers twin 1×48 wavelength selective switch

Created October 5, 2021
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Finisar Australia has introduced what it claims is the world’s first twin 1×48 wavelength-selective switch (WSS) for use in next-generation reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) communication networks.

An extension of Finisar Australia’s twin liquid-crystal on silicon (LCoS) platform, the Flexgrid® 2x1x48 WSS features significantly more ports than previously available from earlier Finisar Australia switches or, claims the company, from any other WSS supplier with similar products in the market. This latest addition to the Finisar WSS portfolio offers expanded flexibility for next-generation ROADM deployments through additional add-drop ports in a compact, high-performance WSS.

On request, customized variants of the Flexgrid® 2x1x48 WSS can support even more ports. The initial release operates over the standard C-band, and future releases will support the advanced C+L-band operating range that Finisar Australia is already featuring in other products. As with all of Finisar’s Flexgrid® WSS products, all variants of the Flexgrid® 2x1x48 WSS support any channel width, from legacy fixed 50/100 GHz to arbitrary customer-controllable channels, using ITU-compliant Flexgrid® technology. Finisar was first to market with the first C+L band WSS in August 2020.

Samples of the Flexgrid® 2x1x48 WSS are currently available.

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