ECOC 2021: Three new products from Apex Technologies

Created September 1, 2021
Technologies and Products

France-based APEX Technologies, which develops and manufactures high-performance test equipment for fibre optic telecommunications research, will be launching three new products at ECOC 2021. These include an external cavity tuneable laser source, an amplified spontaneous emission source and a polarimeter.

The AP405XA is a high-performance external cavity Littman tuneable laser source combining wide tuning range, high output power and high signal-to-noise ratio. Different wavelength ranges are available between 1000 nm and 1650 nm. OEM and stand-alone benchtop instrument versions are available. The benchtop instrument is proposed with a friendly-user software, a touch sensitive screen, GPIB and ethernet controls.

The AP5053A, high power amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) source provides stable output power up to + 20dBm and broad flat spectrum over C+L band. It enables effective and efficient measurements for component characterization or optical sensing. Finally, this product is proposed in Friendly-user standalone benchtop instrument with touch sensitive screen, General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) and ethernet controls.

The new AP6051A polarimeter benchtop enables real time monitoring of the State of Polarization (SOP), Degree of Polarization (DOP) and power of a light signal in fibre. It can display SOP data information either on a Poincaré sphere, a Jones diagram or on a virtual oscilloscope. Covering the operating wavelength range from 1520 to 1610nm, it offers excellent performance, fast sampling rate, high SOP accuracy, and wide dynamic input optical power range. Optionally, it can be used in combination with an internal Optical Filter to measure the SOP as a function of frequency. Intuitive software and touch screen allows an intuitive manipulation of the device.

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