Furukawa, Fujitsu, collaborate on next-gen integrated optics

Created August 8, 2021
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Furukawa Electric and Fujitsu Optical Components (FOC) have agreed to collaborate on product development of integrated devices for next-generation, high-capacity optical communications. The companies say they will utilise the strengths of both companies to develop high-capacity, compact, low power consumption devices for next-generation communications networks, meeting the need for solutions in the Asia region.

The aim is to create world-class, top-performing devices for next-generation communications networks by combining the technologies of both companies in order to respond to the explosive increase in communications traffic and demand for reduced power consumption. Furukawa Electric and FOC also aim to bring together the two companies’ optical device products for digital coherent systems in order to offer specialised transceiver solutions to customers in the Asia region, a market where such solutions will be in high demand.

Furukawa/Fujitsu collaboration. Source: Furukawa














Furukawa says the collaboration will bring together Furukawa Electric’s compound optical semiconductor technology and FOC’s LN/silicon photonics technology to develop integrated devices for next-generation, high-capacity optical communication that are both high in performance and compact in size, bringing together both companies’ technologies to create something that cannot be achieved by these components individually. The companies say they intend to deploy these integrated devices globally for the over 800 Gbps transceiver market.

Furukawa Electric says it will continue to support the development of telecommunications based on R&D on high-performance laser light source products.

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