ECOC Exhibitor News and Announcements – August

Created August 25, 2021
Technologies and Products

Avicena will showcase the world’s fastest LED modulated at 10Gbps

Avicena is developing ultra-fast LEDs for low power chip-to-chip interconnects and has demonstrated data rates up to 10Gbps which is about an order of magnitude faster than current LED based communication links. These LEDs are specifically optimized for high-speed communication and called Cavity-Reinforced Optical Micro-Emitters or CROMEs. They form a key building block of the Avicena’s novel LightBundleTM interconnect together with multi-core fiber cables and the Si based PDs. The LightBundleTM offers class leading bandwidth density of 10Tbps/mm2 as well as high power efficiency of < 0.5pJ/bit with a reach of up to 10m.

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OBR and High-Resolution Distributed Loss Analysis for 1060 nm Systems

Luna introduces the OBR 4610 Optical Backscatter Reflectometer who extends the industry-leading analyzer platform to a new class of laser components, integrated photonics, and LIDAR components. The OBR 4610 can scan a component designed to operate in the 1060 nm range and map out distributed loss (IL and RL) with a spatial resolution of less than 10 micrometers. The analyzer also provides spectral analysis of the optical reflection signal as well as phase information. The OBR 4610 is an addition to the existing OBR 4600 family that includes analyzers for C, L and O bands.

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Reducing visual pollution with air-blown cables

While the world grapples with ‘sky spaghetti’ of aerial cables in modernization push, Emcab offers a solution which minimizes the visual pollution of human-made landscape!
Air-blown cables deployment ensures rapid installation and provides users with flexible, secure and cost-effective FTTH systems, at the same time preserving the visual image of urban and rural areas. Emcab blowing cables are perfectly compatible with Emtelle microducts.
Try a free software ABC (Air-Blown Cables) Configurator by selecting necessary parameters and get relevant Emcab cables, Emtelle microducts, and CommScope closures with datasheets!

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EKO(TM) is Go!Foton’s intelligent fiber management platform

EKO(TM) is Go!Foton’s groundbreaking intelligent fiber management platform for optical networks and data centers. Anchored by our award-winning PEACOC® spreadable adapter feature, and incorporating the company’s recently developed connector-plug detection technology and on-axial ferrule engagement-sensing adapter housing, AI-capable EKO is the tangible result of Go!Foton’s comprehensive re-thinking of network management.

Software-agnostic, non-disruptive to service, and compatible with standard hardware, EKO provides total visibility and real-time monitoring for all network connectivity assets, including fiber, connectors, and cabling, and is designed to help carriers and data centers satisfy ever-increasing performance standards while meeting the challenges posed by rapid densification of optical fiber.

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Highly Integrated Shuffle with multi-core, multi-size, multi-package forms

The product Shuffle from HYC is based on low insertion loss and high reliable light path cross connection technology to solve the complex problems of traditional data center cabling. On the one hand, it achieves the possibility of multiple exchange directions and ability of more flexible configurations as same as large exchange capacity, which greatly simplify the optical fiber connection, economize the space occupation and realize the nanosecond time delay. On the other hand, the maintenance is simple.

To achieve the real “zero jumper” highly integrated, all links have been completed before the delivery inspection to avoid any possible human operation mistake.

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Infinera Features XR optics and 5th Generation 800G Optical Engine Technology at ECOC 2021

Abstract 3d render of techno mega city. Urban and futuristic visual technology concepts

Infinera will cover many innovative technologies at ECOC 2021 including XR optics (the industry’s first point-to-multipoint coherent pluggables) and its fifth-generation embedded optical engine (ICE6/800G).

Infinera’s subject matters experts will be on-site to discuss XR optics and ICE6/800G use case applications and benefits.

Infinera will also present on numerous optical technology advances during ECOC 2021 technical and market/product sessions.

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Unified System for Fibers Everywhere in Network

At Micos Telcom we have a mission to unify the Fiber network. That’s why every new product from the smallest box to the largest cabinet is designed for our FibeRoadTM System. This system provides operational simplicity, reduces maintenance time and increases responsiveness to customer demands. At ECOC 2021, we are introducing some of these products.

The High Density Fiber Cabinets MDO, plus the egergly awaited Fiber Optic Box MDB M. These products can combine various types of trays and offer a scalable proposition for the expansion of FTTH and 5G networks. Visit our stand no. 919 at the Hall 1!

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PMC Adds MEMS Mirror Arrays for WSS and ROADM Applications

Preciseley Microtechnology Corporation (PMC) has introduced MEMS micromirror arrays for wavelength multiplexing and amplitude modulation applications in gigabit-plus telecommunications and data center fiber optic networks. These micromirror arrays provide unsurpassed performance and reliability to meet the demanding requirements of today’s high-speed fiber networks. The devices use electrostatic actuation to achieve fast tuning over a wide tuning range while minimizing power consumption. The architecture enables larger mirror apertures while providing high durability against shock and vibration, and achieves low insertion loss. Additionally, these devices can be integrated with the VOA function to reduce the device size for space constrained applications.

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56G VCSEL & PD – enhanced performance

TRUMPF presents new VCSEL generation, that results from a strongly upgraded manufacturing platform with unprecedented process control and yield. The products are designed for an expanded temperature range.
Discover a live showcase of our 56G VCSEL and Photodiodes at TRUMPF Photonic Components booth 501.

The solutions offer robust performance at high temperature and therefore enhanced reliability and cost savings from less cooling in controlled environment settings. Check out our latest developments and discuss with our experts about 100G solutions, that are planned for release early 2022.

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VI Systems announces 100G VCSEL and PD chips for SWDM

VI Systems announces the availability VCSEL and photodetector chips for 100 Gbps data transmission per channel applying PAM-4 modulation. Engineering samples are available for 4-channel shortwave wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM). VCSEL chips are available at wavelengths of 850 nm, 880 nm, 910 nm and 940 nm.

The photodetector D30-SWDM-C1 chip is available for 850 nm to 960 nm with an optical modulation bandwidth of 40GHz and a responsivity of 0.5mA/mW when coupled to 50 µm core multimode fiber. All chip samples can be offered as singlets or 4 x 1 linear arrays with a pitch of 250 µm.

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VPIphotonics Design Suite™ – New version 11.2!

VPIphotonics Design SuiteTM provides access to professional application-specific simulation tools and pluggable toolkits for optical communication systems, photonic integrated circuits, and fiber optic devices. It offers common usability, design process and data analysis capabilities.

Version 11.2 delivers advances in simulation and design flow for many applications: PS-mQAM with FEC, DSP, free space optical communications, PAM4/NRZ analysis, microring modulators, nonlinear waveguides, multimode couplers, and more. Contact us today for a free product demonstration and evaluation of the software.

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Yamaichi first to market with QSFP112

Yamaichi Electronics was the first company to introduce a QSFP host connector capable of 56G-NRZ and 112G-PAM4 to the global market. This shows how advanced Yamaichi is in high-speed connectors.

Our connector is tooled up and running in mass production. All information about our product including our drawing and a 3D model can be found on our website. Do not hesitate to contact us and get samples of the first to market QSFP112 (p/n CN120-038-2001) – be first with Yamaichi Electronics!

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Get ready for 224 Gbps – Comprehensive multi-platform solutions for optical and electrical test

Keysight offers solutions supporting the entire 800G design cycle with solutions for 112 Gbps electrical conformance tests.  As speeds increase,  800G will switch on the optical side to 224 Gbps, allowing for the reduction of lanes and cost, but requiring new test solutions. Different modulation formats are also under discussion such as 100GBd PAM4 and 80GBd PAM6.
Design margins become increasingly tight with 800G as devices and interfaces become faster and more complex. Making it critical to get a detailed, reliable insight into the devices to explore test margins.

Visit us at ECOC for a live demonstration of our 224 Gbps test solutions.



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