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Created July 27, 2021
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News from ECOC Exhibition 2021 Exhibitors

VIAVI releases an enhanced range of OTDR solutions
VIAVI announces the release of an enhanced range of OTDR solutions, a powerful combination of advanced OTDR modules coupled with a completely new user experience. In the next three years, fiber deployment likely will triple to keep pace with the worldwide demand for network capacity, meaning a sharp increase in the number of new technicians who will be tasked with fiber installation, construction and maintenance. This rapid growth is driving the need for easy-to-use fiber certification tools which guide technicians through processes, ensure compliance to methods of procedure (MoP) and certify networks for future service upgrades.
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Aragon Photonics releases new product: The High Definition Component Analyzer
The new High Definition Component Analyzer (HDCA) from Aragon Photonics lands to characterize passive optical devices with the highest resolution and wavelength accuracy, the fastest measurement time and largest dynamic range. The spectra profile of insertion losses (IL), return losses (RL) and polarization dependent losses (PDL) of passive optical devices can be measured with femtometric resolution and fully automated.
HDCA is thought for R&D and manufacturers of next generation passive components, photonic integrated circuits (PIC), ring resonators, wavelength selective switches (WSS), fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) or any Ultra-DWDM network components. Contact us for further information.
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MXC® Single Port Blind Mate Connector
US Conec’s MXC® Single Port Blind Mate connector enables high density fiber links with a minimized footprint in true optical backplane architectures. Inserted individually or ganged, the same external MXC® plug used in bulkhead applications is used in blind mate configurations where optical links exists in areas traditionally occupied by electrical backplanes or midplanes. When coupled with low-force PRIZM® MT expanded beam ferrule technology, the MXC® blind mate solutions offer a proven, reliable, debris insensitive OBO passive interconnect. Solutions are available for ganged and single port applications.
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ASM AMICRA ultra high precision die attach technology 
ASM AMICRA  is a worldwide leading supplier for ultra-high precision die attach systems. The AMICRA systems specialize in submicron placement accuracy to ±0.3µm@3s for the photonics and semiconductor market. The systems supports die attach, flip chip, eutectic, epoxy, and X-Celeprint’s Micro Transfer Printing (MTP) processes.
Markets served include silicon photonics, optoelectronics, active optical cable (AOC, laser diodes, wafer level packaging (WLP) and automotive sensors/LiDAR. Headquartered in Regensburg, Germany.
AMICRA is a subsidiary of ASM Pacific Technology Limited a leading global supplier of Backend Equipment for semiconductor packaging that is headquartered in Singapore.

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New OP960 Insertion Loss and Return Loss Meter
OptoTest has announced the launch of the new Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) meter, the OP960 series.
The OP960 incorporates a new larger touchscreen with 35 percent more screen area and 70 percent more detail. IL and RL can be tested simultaneously with the results updating in real time, improving the overall user experience even if you’re just manually measuring simplex cables.
The OP960 is a completely new design with upgraded components and circuitry and a more rugged case that is able to withstand hard use in demanding production environments. We’ve maximized the OP960’s service life and dependability.Find out more
Test Solutions for Silicon Photonics and PICs
The Luna 6415 utilizes optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR) technology to measure backscattered or transmitted light as a function of distance. Extremely high sensitivity and sampling resolution (20 μm) make the Luna 6415 an ideal testing tool for photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and silicon photonics. The Luna 6415 reduces the cost and complexity of test while increasing throughput by measuring RL, IL and length in reflection or transmission with a single instrument. Luna has solutions tailored for design validation and optimization, and the high-throughput demands of production test.Find out more
Optics that can take the heat
OE Solutions offers a portfolio of optical transceivers supporting ambient temperatures up to 95°C. Increasing the bandwidth of consumer network services, like 5G wireless and next generation broadband, while minimizing total cost of ownership for the network operator increasingly leads to optical transceivers being exposed to wider temperature ranges. OE Solutions work with network equipment manufacturers and network operators to meet their needs with cost effective transceivers designs that can support ambient temperatures up to 95°C.Find out more
Ensure, let’s get Active
Ensure is best known in the market for its premium passive optical components, and now, driven by innovation and desire to meet the growing needs of our customers, we are taking a leap into Active optical components! Our latest investment into research and development will add a new range of products to extend our portfolio, offering our same optimal standard amidst a new line of premium active components. Attending ECOC? Come visit our booth to see our new selection of sophisticated, high performance transceivers; and follow our movements online to know when our new products will be available. Let’s get active.Find out more
Fire safety first: protecting people and buildings
Emcab is committed to fire prevention and introduces the indoor cable for maximum security against fire – Riser TB (with tight-buffered fibre) which is now CPR certified. It is all-dielectric, flame-retardant, and easy strippable with access to the fibre at any place of the cable which makes it a perfect indoor solution! Riser TB can also be deployed in projects with very high fire risks, for example, underground railways and in escape routes. Earning B2ca rating means that such Emcab designs are officially top-performing cables!Find out more
News from imec MPW services
Imec makes Silicon Photonics technologies affordable and accessible for start-ups, universities, and research centres through Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) runs. Applications range from optical communications (Silicon Photonics), to bio, quantum, or lidar (Silicon Nitride). Upcoming registration and design submission deadlines are 25th August (iSiPP50G), 13th October (Passives+), and 5th October (BioPIX300). Find more information, PDKs, schedules and prices on EUROPRACTICE website. Moreover, we are preparing a big design contest for novel applications in SiN Photonics technology, which will allow one academic research team to get a free block on the next run! Details will be published soon on the imec.IC-link website!Find out more



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