OFC: Sumitomo Electric launches AI-programmed fusion splicer

Created June 7, 2021
Technologies and Products

Sumitomo Electric has launched what it claims is the world’s first AI-programmed hand-held splicer, The T-502S series is powered by NanoTune™ AI technology, which greatly improves splicing efficiency and accuracy regardless of operational condition and user skill. Using Hot Core Analysing, the T-502S provides accurate estimated loss by analysing the fibre image through high-quality microscopes during splicing.

Also claimed as a world first, the T-502S features a fibre type detection function to an active cladding alignment splicer. This allows the T-502S to distinguish between MMF and SMF fibre types and ensure use of the correct splice programme is used. The splicer also offers wireless LAN connectivity giving access to a suite of cloud-based productivity services via Sumitomo’s smartphone app SumiCloud™, which includes a preventive maintenance function, over the air firmware updates, and the capability to create and send work reports to the cloud. A web browser-based management interface also allows managers to review splicer reports and performance, and remotely lock units in case of theft.

The T-502S’s carrying case includes an ergonomic working tray, meaning the splicer can be used on the tray as soon as the case is opened, enabling users to start jobs immediately. Sumitomo says the T-502S improves workability and reduces the instalment/construction time in the field environment.

For more information, visit https://sumitomoelectric.com



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