APS Networks® launches three TIP OpenBNG switches for disaggregated broadband

Created June 17, 2021
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APS Networks® has launched three BNG (Broadband Network Gateway) switches which aim to comply with the Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) OpenBNG requirements, enabling customers to choose between the TIP standard configurations (SC) SC-1, SC-2 and SC-3 leaf designs that best address end user demands. This provides operators flexible deployment options covering full-functionality deployments and service-only BNG deployments and leaf-spine configuration alternatives.

The three BNG switch designs are the Hyperion APS2172Q (pictured), supporting 64×1/10/25G BNG user ports and 8x100G spine ports (SC-1); the Jupiter APS6120Q with 16x100G BNG ports and 4×1/10/25G ports (SC-2) and the Hyperion APS2140D with 32×1/10/25G BNG user ports and 8x100G spine ports (SC-3 leaf). The APS2172Q and APS6120Q support up to 32,000 broadband subscribers and the APS2140D up to 20,000 broadband subscribers.

The switches make use of the Intel Tofino P4-programmable Ethernet switch ASICs, Intel Stratix 10 MX FPGAs with High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM), and MoSys® Blazar high-speed memories to allow for up to 7 layers of Hierarchical Quality of Service (HQoS) and buffer capabilities. The units feature Intel Xeon D processors, which provide high-speed connectivity between the compute board and switch board and include hardware-enhanced security features.

All models can be equipped with a versatile Precision Time Protocol IEEE 1588v2 compliant add-on module, which enables the switches to operate as PTP boundary clocks. The PTP module has been designed by Oregano Systems, a MEINBERG® company, and supports a wide range of PTP profiles and features. It integrates a dedicated high-performance PTP hardware-processor and a high-quality OCXO into the new APS Networks® OpenBNG product line, allowing to build a highly interoperable and powerful synchronization infrastructure for a multitude of applications and use-cases. The PTP module will deliver end2end accuracies of less than 10ns.

The APS2140D and APS6120Q are scheduled to be available from Q4 2021 as early access and the APS2172Q from Q1 2022. APS Networks® is taking orders from customers and partners interested in being part of the company’s Early Access Program.

“After years of conceptional work, we are proud to offer our service provider customers a choice for their disaggregated BNG strategies right down to the chip level based on innovative Intel technology,” says Alexander Jeffries, chief executive officer for APS Networks. “These products will allow customers the highest degree of flexibility and security, whilst keeping their total cost of ownership per subscriber under control. This was only possible with Intel as a strategic partner, and we are thankful for their support.”

For more information, visit www.aps-networks.com


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