Yamaichi launches first 112G DSFP for 5G front-haul

Created May 4, 2021
Technologies and Products

Yamaichi Electronics has launched what it claims is the world’s first multi-fit DSFP host connector, which is compatible with the SFP footprint and cages, and offers 2 x 112G channels as opposed to the SPF’s single 112G channel, making it suitable for 5G front-haul applications. The company says the DSFP module conforms to the latest draft of OIF specification CEI-112G-PAM4-VSR, as well as MSA, both organisations in which Yamaichi is an active member.

The DSFP fits both SFP and NGSFP, and footprints of the host connector and the mechanical kits, including the cage, heatsink and clip, remain identical for all three form factors, making the DSFP backwards compatible with SFP in that it occupies the same area on the board and all the custom-made mechanical parts can be used. Yamaichi says this makes the multi-fit form factor suitable for data networking applications such as 5G, given that QSFP and OSFP are too large for front-haul 5G applications. Mass production is now under way and mechanical kits are commercially available.

Yamaichi extended its range of connectors for data networking in 2019 with the launch of its QSFP56 host connector, and in March 2020 the company launched its SFP28 high-speed connector.

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