Sentry Electrical Group enters North American optical communications market

Created March 22, 2021
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US-based renewable energy group Sentry says it is to offer fibre optic installations to customers outside of the energy market. The organisation’s new Fibre Optic division expands Sentry’s fibre optic services to telecommunications companies throughout the United States and into Canada.

Sentry’s new Fibre Optic division is led by Dan Tibbitts (pictured), who brings 27 years of fibre optics expertise to the organisation. The division will continue to serve utilities in the renewable energy market by expanding and maintaining wind and solar energy infrastructure, as well as work closely with telecommunications companies to fulfil their broadband needs, including fibre to the home (FTTH).

“Sentry has the ability to deliver both large and small-scale projects that exceed industry standards – from underground fibre optic cables placement, repair, and maintenance to fibre splicing, blowing, plant testing, and fibre to the home,” said Dan Tibbitts, Sentry’s director of fibre optics. “The advantage of working with us is that we are a trusted contractor that has been working in fibre optics for years. Our technicians bring both old and new learning experiences to our customer projects, enabling us to specialise our services to successfully deliver even the most unique projects.”

Employees in Sentry’s Fibre Optic division consist of both The Building Industry Consulting Service International, Inc. (BICSI) certified installers and field technicians in training. Crews utilise state-of-the-art fibre optic diagnostic equipment that quickly and accurately identifies issues, expediting repair time while ensuring safety.

Sentry President Norm Cowden said, “Our work, rooted in industry-leading technology and expertise, earned us a reputation that now enables us to offer our services to the telecommunications market.”

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