Optical Connections launches new webinar series

Created March 9, 2021
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Optical Connections publisher Nexus Media Events Ltd, has announced the launch of a new series of webinars for 2021, aimed at bringing together the brightest brains in the fibre optics industry and provoke discussion on the hottest topics both current and in the future. Developed in conjunction with the ECOC Market Focus Committee, webinars will cover topics such on-board optics, network automation and expert predictions for the years ahead.

ECOC commercial director Emma Harvey said, “Already, we are seeing key metrics such as high volume, integration, low power consumption, high speed, electronic enhancement and support for photonics with DSPs become important to all stakeholders across thw whole of the value chain. Further, if everything advances as expected, the make-up and nature of the industry will evolve quickly and these webinars will review not only the technology perspective but also how the industry can meet future challenges and opportunities over the next decade.”

Close to the Edge: Fibre for any-haul in 5G access networks

The webinar program will kick off on Wednesday 31st March, 2021 at 14:00 CET, with a live session covering the role of fibre optics in 5G. It’s clear that without fibre, 5G is not going to happen, however, the new generation of mobile technology will create new challenges for the fibre industry. With 5G cells no more than a few tens of metres apart, densification in the access network will be a major issue in terms of connectivity and capacity. While it is true that some existing components and technologies will be adequate for early stage 5G rollout, longer-term, fibre optics will need to evolve as the new demands and use cases develop. Close to the Edge: Fibre for any-haul in 5G access networks webinar is a fantastic opportunity for 4 to 5 speakers within this field to come together to discuss the latest developments in 5G.

How to register and/or attend
Registration has now closed as the live webinar has taken place. The webinar is available to watch on-demand, on request. To receive a link to watch a recording of this webinar please click here.




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