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Created December 15, 2020
Technologies and Products

Ciena Optical Microsystem’s portfolio of mountable and pluggable coherent optical modules covers the full range of next-generation transport applications from access to submarine.
Ciena’s WaveLogic™ 5 Extreme 800G Transponder Module delivers an industry leading solution for high bandwidth, high-performance, multi-haul line-side DWDM transmission in a compact, mountable form for both telecom and data centre applications. Programmable capacity enables a wide range of applications—from 800G DCI and 600G metro to 400G regional, long-haul, and submarine—allowing operators to carry 400GbE anywhere in their networks.
Multi-baud extends the cost-efficiencies of high performance coherent optics to both flexible grid and fixed grid long-haul networks, allowing for 600G regional and 400G long-haul transport within 100GHz channel spacing.
Availability of both C- and L-band transponders allows for doubling of traffic capacity per fibre, maximizing return on investment of existing fibre assets.
Ciena’s WaveLogic 5 Nano transceivers are the result of continued investments in vertical integration and innovation in component level design, providing cost-efficiencies for new network applications. Ciena is uniquely positioned to deliver this new generation of coherent pluggable products based on the company’s leadership in coherent optical technology, advanced design competencies, and technology ownership combined with an understanding of the requirements for real-world networks.
From ensuring compatibility with photonic line systems and mitigation of optical impairments for extended reach to definition of line interoperability specifications, host management interfaces, and embedded networking features, WaveLogic 5 Nano transceivers offer all of the features and performance needed for access, DCI, and metro-regional applications.



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