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Created December 15, 2020
Technologies and Products

Tanlink Optics produce an extensive range of transceivers for use in data centres, Cloud computing and 5G communications. The company’s portfolio includes high-speed optical transceivers and cable as well as integrated solutions – chip, optical components to device Founded in 2012 and  based on Shenzhen and Wuhan, Shenzhen.

Tanlink Optics Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of optoelectronic devices in optical communications. A merger with Wuhan Tri-light in December 2018 and a focus on COB technology research, accumulating solid design & developing experience, extending full product chain and building up high efficiency management & marketing team provided a boost to Tanlink’s growth in business scale and R&D strength.

Tanlink utilise high accuracy automated active optical coupling machines with highly efficient ability of parallel optical engine and photoelectric performance automated test of modules contribute to the high reliable COB mass production capacity.

Tanlink are proficient in miniature and high-density customized service of optical electric modules and provide quality excellence, e improvement as an operation policy.
• 400G QSFP-DD
• 200G QSFP-DD
• 200G QSFP56
• 100G QSFP28
• 100G CFP/CFP2/CFP4
• 100G QSFP28 BiDi
• 40G QSFP+
• 40G QSFP+ BiDi
• 25G SFP28
• 25G SFP28 xDWM
• 25G SFP28 BiDi
• 10G SFP+
AOC/ DAC Cables:
• 200G QSFP56
• 100G QSFP28
• 56G QSFP+
• 40G QSFP+
• 25G SFP28
• 10G SFP+



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