Smartoptics adds DCP-R ROADMs to open line system portfolio

Created November 13, 2020
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Smartoptics has added the DCP-R family of DWDM ROADMs to its portfolio of open line systems. The ROADMS target advanced and reconfigurable optical ring and mesh network applications. The ROADMs will accommodate PAM4 and 400ZR coherent modulation formats and support such protocols as Ethernet and Fibre Channel.

The DCP-R family launches with two versions of the 9-degree DCP-R-9D. The ROADMs offer dedicated 1U per degree packaging with flex-grid, directionless, contentionless, and colourless capabilities. The ROADMs offer integrated mux/demux for local add/drop and, is designed for use with PAM4 and 400ZR transceivers mixed with 100G QPSK, 200G 16QAM, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel traffic formats. The two versions are the DCP-R-9D-MS and the DCP-R-9D-CS. The MS model supports mixed traffic formats; the CS model is optimized for coherent modulation. Smartoptics says that higher-degree ROADMs optimized for regional applications will follow.

Management of the ROADMs in the DCP-R family follows the same format as the prior DCP-F and DCP-M family. Network operators can use an SDN controller through the ROADMs’ Open ROADM based API or manually by parameter settings from a command line interface.

“With our DCP-R ROADMs Smartoptics takes yet another step in serving operators wanting to take advantage of disaggregated, open line systems in their optical infrastructure. Thanks to our unique design it is now possible to combine new traffic formats such as PAM4 and 400ZR for extremely high data rates with Ethernet, Fibre Channel and other legacy formats in the same flexible ROADM-based open line system all the way to the edge of the network,” commented Magnus Grenfeldt, CEO of Smartoptics (pictured).

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