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Created October 4, 2020
Technologies and Products

In today’s world with ever increasing demands on bandwidth from 5G, Data Centres, Edge computing and IoT, the highest quality optical interconnects have never been more fundamental to ensuring systems work to their highest capacity. In Senko you have a trusted partner from our engineering, design & manufacturing capabilities to being able to work with our customers to create the correct solutions for their requirements.

At ECOC this year Senko is showing how we incorporate our connectors into our IP range for harsh environments. From our standard IP connector range we have developed our new IP-9 connector which is our smallest IP rated connector at just 20mm across the front of the IP housing. This will house either a single SC, two fibres with 1.25mm ferrules or multi fibre by housing an MPO, which allows for more density and flexibility in external installations. Moving through our IP connector range up to the IP-21 & IP-25 we can also offer hybrid connectors which offer optical connectivity and power in one housing which are ideal in installations for products like Small Cells.

As well as utilising the best quality connectivity in any network the quality of the installation is also of paramount importance so at Senko, we also have our Smart Probe 2 optical microscope which offers pass / fail of connector end face cleanliness and condition against the IEC standard. To compliment this, we also have a full range of connector cleaning solutions.


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