Finisar first with C+L band WSS

Created August 31, 2020
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Finisar Australia has introduced what it claims is the world’s first C+L-band wavelength selective switch (WSS) for use in next-generation reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) communication networks.

An extension of Finisar Australia’s single low-profile liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) platform, the Flexgrid® 1×9 C+L low-profile WSS extends frequency window support in the Super C-band from 6 THz to over 11 THz, enabling full extended-band WSS operation across both C and L regions in a single module.

The Flexgrid C+L WSS is the newest addition to Finisar’s portfolio of WSS innovations, comprising the world’s first LCoS WSS in 2006, the world’s first flexible-grid WSS in 2010, the world’s first 1×20 WSS in 2011, the world’s first 6 THz WSS in 2019, and the world’s first quad WSS in 2020.

Flexgrid C+L-band support will be added across Finisar’s portfolio of WSS configurations, encompassing port counts from a single 1×2 to a twin 1×34 to a partitioned quad 1×9. As with all of Finisar’s Flexgrid WSS products, C+L variants will support channel widths from legacy fixed 50/100 GHz to arbitrary customer-controllable channels using ITU-compliant Flexgrid technology.

Finisar Australia will be demonstrating the Flexgrid C+L WSS and related technologies to customers, communications service providers, and internet content providers through a virtual roadshow this October.

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