PacketLight launches new line of 200/400G metro and long-haul kit

Created July 13, 2020
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PacketLight Networks has launched the PL-4000 product line of modular 400G muxponder and transponder for DCI, high capacity metro, and long-haul applications. The products are designed to help build high capacity networks and provide secure transport from 400G to 1.6T, with full visibility and performance monitoring of the optical transport layer (OTN), and support a mix of 10/25/100/400Gb Ethernet, 16/32G fibre channel and OTU2/OTU4 service interfaces. PacketLight says the new range enables customers to offer 400Gb Ethernet managed services for enterprises and DCI applications.

The PL-4000 product family is an integrated optical solution offering mux/demux, amplifiers, optical switches and embedded Layer-1 optical encryption. It provides the demarcation point between the service CPE and the DWDM uplink, and is interoperable with any third-party switch or router. The solution supports market standards, which enables the use of the same product in all DCI, metro and long-haul applications. This includes 400G multi-source agreement (MSA) pluggable coherent optical modules, standard FEC modes and the same management system, eliminating the need of using proprietary bulky nonstandard single source modules. This product line comes in addition to PacketLight’s portfolio of high capacity 100G/200G solutions.

“The 400G product line is yet another milestone in PacketLight’s position as a leading system vendor in the optical transport market, answering customer needs for 400G capacity as well as optimised CAPEX and OPEX,” said Koby Reshef, CEO of PacketLight Networks. “The PL-4000 family will bring lower cost per bit, better performance in less space and power consumption, optimising the link budget.”

The PL-4000 products support a flexible variety of 400G line optics, such as high performance CFP2-DCO, QSFP-ZR+ and QSFP-ZR, and different standard FEC modes such as C-FEC as defined by the OIF, O-FEC as defined in the Open ROADM standard, and SD-FEC for high performance demanding links. The CFP2 pluggable module used in the PL-4000 also provides ultra-long-haul connectivity in PacketLight’s 200G product line.

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