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Created May 14, 2020
We will provide key interconnection points for the Nordics that will help facilitate the movement of global internet traffic in and out of the region. Ciena’s GeoMesh and optical innovations will give Eastern Light a new approach to support a smarter, faster and more adaptive network.News and Business

Ciena has announced contract wins with Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, the international wholesale unit of Deutsche Telekom (DT), and Telia Carrier in the US.

The contract with Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier sees the first European 800G network going live, connecting data centres in Vienna, Austria. Ciena will supply its WaveLogic 5 Extreme (WL5e) to satisfy surging traffic requirements across the carrier’s pan-European network. The technology, which is based on higher spectrum efficiency, will allow Deutsche Telekom to transport eight 100G of data traffic in less than 100Ghz of spectrum and is optimised for high-capacity 100GE and 400GE customer interface connectivity. Ciena claims it is the industry’s first solution that can transport 2x400GE across a single 800G wavelength. The 800Gbps transmission was successfully implemented between data centres in Austria and validated for stability and error rates in a live environment. DT’s network will benefit from a reduction in shelf demand and power consumption for deployments in Public Telehouse Exchange points. The carrier intends to implement Ciena’s WL5e with its 6500 and Waveserver 5 platforms, managed by Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller.

“We pride ourselves on always being a step ahead and this move will push us over the threshold. It will help us achieve a significant industry milestone by delivering the first 800G network in Europe. With it, we will increase network capacity and efficiency, and create a more adaptive network that can meet our customer’s needs now and into the future,” commented Rolf Nafziger, senior vice president, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier.

A few days prior to the DT announcement, Ciena said Telia Carrier is deploying Ciena’s 6500 Reconfigurable Line System (RLS), which integrates both C&L-Band functions in a compact footprint. and delivers more bandwidth to enable seamless on-demand growth for Telia Carrier customers. The RLS platform will allow Telia Carrier to expand its U.S. footprint, carry more traffic and quickly offer new cloud-based services. In addition, RLS’s open software architecture will address Telia Carrier’s need for automation and programmability.

Ciena says expansion to the L-band has been limited to date because it has traditionally been a complex and manually-intensive process. With Ciena’s RLS, Telia Carrier will be able to overcome engineering challenges associated with L-Band upgrades, reduce deployment costs and expand into the L-Band without impacting existing C-Band channels. Telia Carrier will also leverage Ciena’s Waveserver® transponders, powered by WaveLogic Ai and WaveLogic 5 Extreme, as well as Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller.

At the beginning of 2020, Telia Carrier began implementing Ciena’s Open Optical Line System (O-OLS) in Europe to provide increased capacity across the European FLAP (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris) markets. It will also link up additional key locations in the Telia Carrier network, to create a European Express Network. The contract was first announced in 4Q19.

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