Fujitsu debuts Open ROADM network design and planning tool

Created May 7, 2020
Technologies and Products

Fujitsu Network Communications has launched what it claims is the industry’s first multi-vendor network design and planning tool for Open ROADM networks. The FUJITSU Network Virtuora® PD, an SDN-based application, optimises and simplifies planning, design, and testing of optical networks that conform to Open ROADM specifications. The company also announced that Virtuora PD has been selected by an unnamed tier one service provider.

The company says that as service providers strive for greater accuracy, cost efficiency and scalability — particularly with regard to critical communications infrastructure that is now more important than ever — they need advanced tools that ensure interoperability and peak performance. Virtuora PD enables closed-loop multi-vendor network design and deployment with capacity planning; and a unified view of planned and deployed networks. Virtuora PD accesses a set of common network characteristics from multiple vendors’ equipment to align with service provider business processes. As a result, service providers can speed up the overall process of network design and deployment; reduce errors with zero touch provisioning; and drive out operational inefficiencies with tightly integrated Operations Support Systems (OSS) tools.

“As a contributing member of the Open ROADM Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), Fujitsu is committed to the core principles of multi-vendor, software-enabled Open ROADM ecosystems,” said Francois Lafontaine, vice president and head of the software business at Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc (pictured). “Virtuora PD is a key component in enabling open networks, helping providers overcome the disadvantages of proprietary architectures.”

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