Suncall’s New MPO Products Provide Versatility and Safety

Created April 3, 2020
Product Focus

Suncall America’s New MPO Multi-Function Connector makes installations simpler, and the Internal Shutter Adapters provide extra protection and safety for front-of-rack usage.

The new MPO Multi-Function Connector offers the ultimate versatility and was designed to simplify field installations. It offers an easy push-pull operation with a reinforced boot for insertion and extraction. Polarity change and gender switching are now easier than ever. Simply change the polarity with a quick slide of the finger tab, NO tools required. The gender switch has been simplified as well allowing field operations to easily change the gender utilizing a Suncall jig without having to remove the housing. The new MPO Multi-Function Connector is available in a variety of housing colors.

The new MPO Internal Shutter (IS) Adapters were designed for front of rack usage. The internal shutters provide maximum protection from lasers, dust and other debris while protecting the ferrule. The shutters automatically open as the connector is inserted while safely protecting against laser exposure and never touches the delicate ferrule. The MPO IS adapters have an SC footprint and are available in simplex and duplex styles, in two key combinations (key up/key down or key up/key up), have snap-in side latches with reduced flange, are designed for high-density packaging and are available in a variety of housing colors.

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