OptoTest releases compact IL/RL test system

Created April 15, 2020
Technologies and Products

OptoTest has launched the OP940-CSW, a compact insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL) test system which features the speed and accuracy of the switched OP940 in a new form factor that the company says improves the test process, and is OptoTest’s latest advancement in MPO/MTP® testing.

The OP940-CSW is an internally switched IL and RL meter, available in both 12- and 24- fibre variants, designed for MPO/MTP® testing. The front panel design of this benchtop system eliminates the need for fanout cables, which drive up costs and setup time. Having a single connector on the front panel makes multifibre testing a cleaner and more efficient process. This new form factor for multichannel testing, scaled down from a rackmount size, was achieved while maintaining the high-performance standards set by our existing range of IL and RL meters.

The OP940-CSW is compatible with a host of OptoTest software including OPL-CLX and OPL-Max. DLLs are also available for those wishing to create custom programs. OptoTest says that whe paired with existing products like the OP415 Polarity Analyser and OPL-CLX Software Suite it is possible to create the “ultimate” MPO/MTP® testing solution.

For more information, visit www.optotest.com.


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