ADTRAN launches automated network intelligence

Created April 2, 2020
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ADTRAN has launched its Automated Network Intelligence service offering. This capacity planning element of the ADTRAN global service and support portfolio allows providers to intelligently align consumer demand with network supply, affording consumers more tailored internet bandwidth options.

“The broadband market has become increasingly competitive over the past decade as the industry races to deliver on the promises of the Gigabit Economy,” said Girish Kadam, head of managed and cloud services at ADTRAN (pictured). “The challenges our customers face, in terms of delivering the best network solutions, are increasingly complex with the emergence of innovative new 10G fibre and fibre extension services, 5G and fixed wireless access solutions. ADTRAN has the domain experience, solutions and industry knowledge to help operators build, plan, deploy and evolve their best network ahead of market demand.”

ADTRAN says a key feature of the solution is the ability to identify every underserved copper household that could be upgraded to a high-bandwidth fibre extension or full fibre-based service within the cost thresholds set by the carrier. This enables the operator to better serve its existing customer base as they build out a Gigabit-enabled fibre broadband network.

“Edge computing, 5G and increasing bandwidth demands are forcing service providers to upgrade their networks,” said Andy Hicks, principal analyst at GlobalData. “Their network planning must evolve from the current reactive, manual and best guess-based processes to a more granular and efficient system. The capacity planning tools they use should accommodate multi-vendor infrastructure, as well as incorporate CAPEX and OPEX optimisation. Given today’s speed of change, automation is the only way to accomplish this.”

Automated Network Intelligence is a key component of the ADTRAN global service and support portfolio and introduces a new suite of innovative products that simplify access network operations by automating and scaling broadband service delivery. Operators can leverage automated intelligence to speed access infrastructure decision-making with increased insight and accuracy. With these solutions, service providers will be able to more efficiently plan, design and optimise access networks so their broadband delivery capacity can quickly be deployed to serve more people with the right internet service options at a lower network cost.

The ADTRAN Automated Network Intelligence planning benefits include:

  • Business results-driven network planning: Enables fibre expansion and reduced copper and coax churn by optimising plan to revenue and ROI goals.
  • Time-To-Market: A 65-80% reduction in time-to-market and resource requirements for network planning.
  • Budget Accuracy: Greater than 90% budget accuracy.
  • Design Efficiency: Improvement in design efficiency, fully meeting technical and service requirements.
  • Side-by-Side Comparison Analysis: Comparison of architectures and technologies can be completed in minutes.

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