Yamaichi Electronics launches SFP28 high-speed connector for data networking optical transceiver applications

Created March 24, 2020
Technologies and Products

Yamaichi Electronics has launched the SFP28 host connector for a data transmission rate of 56 Gbps PAM-4 modulation per channel. The connector is used in server and switch applications and is fully compliant with the SFF-8084 and SFF-8402 standards as an interface connector to plug in a 0.8mm pitch card edge connector. This connector is therefore mechanically compatible with other generations of SFP connectors such as 10Gbps and 16Gbps. It can be used as a replacement, with the same footprint as that of older card edge SFP module generations.

With a 20-pin count, all contacts are gold plated to a minimum thickness of 0.76μm and are therefore reliable for high-speed transmission, and designed for SMT mounting. The contact pitch is 0.8mm. The mating cycle is 100 times.

For more information, visit www.yamaichi.de


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