ViaLite launches new RF over fibre products

Created March 5, 2020
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RF over fibre manufacturer, ViaLite Communications, has launched a selection of new products at the SATELLITE Show, in Washington D.C..

The company says its new products offer improvements in dynamic range capabilities and for those working with low power RF signals or high losses in the fibre connection.

ViaLite’s new L-Band HTS Hyper Wide Dynamic Range (HWDR) Series 2 link offers even greater dynamic range than the Series 1; now covering 400-2500 MHz with up to 115 dB/Hz2/3 spurious-free dynamic range.

“It is ideal for improving intermodulation performance and reducing the minimum signal that can be detected in high optical loss environments,” said product manager, John Golding. “This is extremely important in HTS and Signals Intelligence applications.”

The new High Sensitivity Receiver (HSR), in turn, has been designed for high loss environments where there are lots of splices/interconnects or low-quality infrastructure. It mitigates the need for EDFAs, (Erbium-doped fibre amplifiers) even working with CWDM and long-distance systems.

The HSR also covers a lower optical input range, accepting > 20 dB less than standard ViaLite receivers.

“The HSR offers a get out of jail free card in situations where the infrastructure is particularly challenging. It can be used in long distance deployments to reduce or even do away with the need for an EDFA, saving OPEX & CAPX cost and improve availability” explained Golding.

The HSR is available in rack chassis card format (pictured).

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