II-VI debuts industry’s first Pluggable Optical Line Subsystem (POLS) for 400ZR

Created March 15, 2020
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II‐VI Incorporated has announced the introduction of the industry’s first pluggable optical line subsystem (POLS) platform to enable the emerging 400ZR coherent transceiver ecosystem for next-generation datacentre interconnects (DCIs).

II-VI says the rapid growth of cloud computing is driving the upgrade cycle from 100G to 400G transmission in DCIs, and spurring the demand for innovative optical line systems that are more compact, power-efficient, and easier to install, configure, and operate. The company’s initial product from the POLS platform is the OSFP-LS, designed in the compact OSFP form factor, that plugs directly into a datacentre interconnect (DCI) switch port and enables full-duplex multi-channel 400ZR transport, including multiplexing, demultiplexing, and variable-gain amplification. The OSFP-LS supports up to 8 DWDM wavelengths, or 3.2 Tbps per fibre pair.

“The POLS platform is a revolution in datacentre interconnects,” said Martin Hull, VP of Platform Products at Arista Networks. “Just as a 400ZR transceiver collapses the 400G transponder line card functionality into a pluggable module, so does the OSFP-LS in relation to an optical line system line card. The plug-and-play functionality of the OSFP-LS will enable our switch customers to deploy them quite easily and cost-efficiently as they migrate to 400ZR.”

“The POLS platform leverages significant breakthroughs in the areas of miniaturising optical components for amplification and wavelength management, while simultaneously improving performance and reducing power consumption,” said Dr. Sanjai Parthasarathi, CMO, II-VI Incorporated (pictured). “The POLS platform is enabled by II-VI’s vertically integrated portfolio of best-in-class components in the industry, including our uncooled, highly compact, 3-pin micropump, the smallest of its kind on the market.”

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